About Chinook Performance Racing

Our Mission

To provide competitive, self-motivated rowers with the opportunity to race successfully, nationally and internationally, on a team of like-minded athletes.

Our Core Values

We operate as a unique rowing community within the greater community of our sport. We expect our rowers, coaches, and staff to reflect our core values through our actions and words, on and off the water.

Sportsmanship: We act in a professional, positive and respectful way to all rowers, competitors, officials, and spectators at all times.

Competitive Spirit: We love a good race. We race to win while still finding the joy in competition, our successes, our shared experiences, and one another.

Discipline: We are perpetual students of our sport. We are always trying to be better. We are self-motivated to train hard, individually accountable for our health and fitness, and receptive to coaching and feedback.

Grit: We are driven by our passion for our sport and for competition. We race our hardest in every boat, every seat, every race, and trust our teammates do the same.

Commitment: Our teammates can count on us as athletes and friends now and in the future. We embrace Chinook as our rowing club even if we live miles apart.

Our Club Model

At Chinook Performance Racing, we fuel the passion for rowing through a unique club model for competitive and committed masters rowers of all abilities. We train year-round utilizing a designated club training plan, commit to coached training camps, blend our individual rowing styles for the benefit of the greater boat, and compete as a united team. The club collects dues, passes through all expenses to rowers, owns equipment, and operates as a 501(3c). We just don’t have physical boathouse.